Green green paddy field

Green green paddy field

Friday, June 13, 2008

KOrean HOttieess

After a few posts on hot girls, finally, a post to reward my girl frens for reading my blog...a feast for your eyes, girls!! Caution, hot pics of hot guys!!

Actually just 2 hot guys...we go for quality, not quantity right?....

Okay, first up....

This guy acted in the drama Coffee Prince, i dont recall his name and i'm too lazy to go I'll just call him Prince lar...sharing the name with the purple-rained, moustached and sexy diminutive singer..

Except this Prince is not diminutive at least 6'3" in my humble yet trained in spotting tall hot guys eyes. I think he's mighty cute, yet seemed like not many ppl share my sentiments about him. CY, my sister, etc have said tat he's not handsome. Hmmm?

But I mean, don't compare him to the next guy i'm introducing here lar....





Daniel Henney

Hahaaahahaa. See, really handsome guys get their names remembered one....:-D

Whoa, not just bedroom eyes...if he wants it, he can have it in the kitchen, the toilet sink, the dog cage, etc

Whoaaaaaa, I love this pic the most..coz i'm a huge sucker for guys in glasses. Nerdy, seriously sexy or sexily serious, and can lure me away from any library/computer lab/walking down the aisle..hahahahaa

Okay, guy readers, you've had your Jessica Alba n Megan Fox. This is the girls' turn to drool.

Look at that bod. Look at those veins in his arm....Try to imagine tat arm around you, protecting you, holding you, caressing you....and ermm, i'll leave the rest to your own level of perverted imagination ok...;-P


Short note: Just to let you ppl know that I am indeed obsessed with blogging nowadays. I find great joy in finding new materials to share with you and of course, in having you spending a few minutes to read my blog. Time-wise, my boss is on holiday for 2 weeks and I've passed some of my files to the new lawyer since I am leaving this firm end of this month. "Nuff said. I'm trying to blog as much as I could now, at least one post a day coz I know my new job would not permit me to blog as much as I would like anymore. Perhaps its good for you guys too, coz then I wouldnt force you to read my blog anymore..hahahaaaa. Till the end of my obsessive blogging days...More to come!


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