Green green paddy field

Green green paddy field

Wednesday, June 18, 2008


During the school holidays, we had a short trip to Langkawi. Hehe, sounds like school children eh. Well, the last time i was in Langkawi was when i was in Form 4. Real school trip. I still remember that i had a crush on one of the Form 5 boys back then. I think he turned out to be a doctor, not sure though. Too bad I was so innocent and shy back then. Or i could've turned out to be mrs. doctor, manning the cash register at some private clinic/surgery (would be best if he's a plastic surgeon so i can have free 'structurings' done too! Pomelo, anyone??;-) and laughing my way to the bank. hahaa.

Buying ferry tickets at Kuala kedah.

Jam packed with ppl!

This is Langkawi Boutique Hotel where we stayed.

PAS Youth Convention in progress!! No pork served at breakfast then i reckon?...

Pantai Cenang

RM90 for a ride up.

Cable car...highlight of the trip! Really really cool...

That's JunHao, TaiYong and YeeShyun with me n CY.

Not for the fainthearted.

But I'm scared of heights too, and I was ok throughout, so it cant be tat bad.

View from the top. Can you see my yacht parked down there?

Very cool. One thing that Tourism Malaysia has done right.


Had a short n sweet trip. Good food, good ambience, good company. I'm content really, dont even need Doctor and Pomelos anymore.haha..

Must return to Langkawi soon. Anyone interested to go?? Carlsberg is RM1.70 a can if I may remind you.....

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