Green green paddy field

Green green paddy field

Saturday, June 21, 2008


Found these pics when I was trying to look for some pics for Yuin for her to use on her wedding slides. Didnt find any for her use, but found these instead.
Yes, evidence to show that I was indeed chubby when I was young. And my stuffing my face silly with food is not the reason I look the way I am today. At least not entirely!

Me with Ling, my oldest oldest friend todate. Look at that protective arm around me.. Poor her, had to give in to my every whims and fancies (irritating whimpers and annoying schreeches, more like it) just coz she was a year older than me (still is!! hahahhahahahaah).

This was taken on the sidewalk outside the Standard Chartered Bank in Port Dickson. All Pd people shd know where its at.

Anyway, ppl told me there's a theory which said that cute kids grow up to be ugly and ugly kids grow up to be pretty.

WEll,I'm not gonna comment on tat.hahaha..coz I really do think I was a cute kid!

But do look at my keratan tebu legs above!! Don't u just wanna bite it?!


louise_see said...

u kid tat time look different fr now ler..!! cute tu memang cute lar. now u are : yuen wing yee wannabe..!! hahahaha..

Denise said...

haha, you do know that yuen wing yee after giving birth looks like aunty nowadays!