Green green paddy field

Green green paddy field

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Bangkok Day Tres

Ratchada Robinsons. There was actually a guard in uniform saluting and welcoming you as you came in the entrance..very impressive. The difference between their service level and ours is majorly vast. Thats the first thing I noticed when I was back in LCCT and buying mineral water. The Malay girl at the counter didnt even acknowledge me one bit and returned the change without even saying thank you. Yeah, Malaysia boleh, as usual!

Saw these fellas cleaning windows using only a plank the height of which they controlled themselves. I've never seen this in Malaysia, have you??

In Esplanade, very nice decor and layout.

Later on, we went to Bangkok's Chinatown.

Isnt this the cutest thing you've ever seen???

Chinese Tea served this way...

I loved Bangkok's Chinatown with its very appealing architecture and the place gave me goosebumps and I had a sense of dejavu when I was there... Twilight Zone-ish....

Can u see the sign on this fella's back pack? Its written "50% single", and "100% available" on the reverse side. I wonder if this chick knows....

This is a massage parlour at Silom area. Very clean n new. Service is good. As shown on Yshin's face...ooooohhhhhhhh yessssssss.......give it to daddy........:-)))))))

This was the reason why.....

It was really really good foot massage...I nearly fell asleep. The price was BHT350 for 1 hour foot massage and 1 hour Thai massage. Absolutely worth every bit!! Although I was in pain during the Thai massage and I vowed never to do it again! Aromatherapy and oil massage will be my option the next time around.

Just beside Isetan...

The roadside stall where we had our dinner near Pratunam.

And half hour later, the sky opened and a small tropical storm hit. It was pitch dark and our food was mostly drenched in rain water. Luckily I'm a small eater..heh.

These were the Japanese who were sitting beside our table and were drenched as well. Yshin having fun eh.....

NO Shin, you and your big mushroom head cannot reenact Japanese porn here! Get back to your seat!!

oohhhh....yummm....fav fav Thai roast pork...heavenly!

PS> Watching Kungfu Panda tonight...haik!

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