Green green paddy field

Green green paddy field

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Shangrila Company Buffet

***This post is dedicated to my fren SirhC. Enjoy, mate...***

Boss treated us to Shangri-la's Lemon Garden Buffet sometime last month. Food was not bad. But i hated that we couldnt order drinks (or not encouraged to by 'management'). At least Lemon Garden should provide free flow for soft drinks as well ala Redbox n Neway. How much is cola compared to tiger prawns right...

This is Siti and her son, who poked my ermmm...chest....

Aishah and Mey

Forgot whose food selection this was dy..

Pro photography...shielding us from the flash...

Penny said yummyyyy... Mind you, she ate more than me ok...

THis was my selection..

Scallops, salmon and esophagus......err.. i mean, asparagus...:-)

Joe, Shahril, Syu and Pen

Mey and Con

Con and the boss's wife

I was the one that i cropped out from this pic. Coz the difrence in beauty was too big..hahaha...Kiasu...This is Aishah's or not..

Sir, I'm a gd fren, am i not??!

Last but not least, Lengkee helping me to pinpoint the pretty girl behind him. She was bald yet had really striking features.. Too bad i wasnt able to get her full frontal (!!) pic..Boohooo, i've failed you, my blog readers.....:-( Except for u SIrhc, u owe me..hahaa..


Terra Shield said...
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Terra Shield said...
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Terra Shield said...

I see you've also moved away from the friendster blog. Came here via the message you sent on facebook last night.

Well, it was fun reading your blog (kinda managed to browse through last night), so i will be back soon. Feel free to visit my blog anytime as well :)

Terra Shield said...

err... the two deleted comments were mine. can't seem to use the link function properly :)

William said...

hey....sudah makan jangan comment boss took me there and told me just order whatever i want.....i only there to take the coffee coz my boss took the same...hahaha