Green green paddy field

Green green paddy field

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Chicks Pics

Okay, just to show some hot girls in my blog to prevent the mass exodus of my blogders to ...say...dawnyeang's (typo intended) blog. Oh wait, maybe they already have. Haha..nvm, at least all the girls in my blog have not done any plastic surgeries of any kind..fake eyelashes and tonz of make ups mayb, but guaranteed nothing plasticky...but, after a few consultations with some guys, apparently they don't mind plastic surgeries done on girls, as long as they look HOT! Sigh, I should've known tat years ago when Pomelo ruled the TV land with running slow mo on Baywatch.

Anyway, these were taken during wedding dinner of frens in Equatorial Hotel sometime back.. I look so matronly compared with the other girls.

Yep, this aunty acting cute with the other young 'choy'...And the worst thing is at the ripe old age of 28, i'm only starting to have acne! Yes, adult acne. Damn sien..if i'm 18 its understandable la, not 28! Geesh, which reminds me i have to go and put on a mask now, beauty is a full time job apparently. Pomelo would agree with she even put masks on her 'twins'. ;-P

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sir hc said...

Ok, a much better attempt at sexing up ur blog. Good trY! Now, where's me natts??