Green green paddy field

Green green paddy field

Friday, April 17, 2009

My Top 10

This list is a little outdated, wrote it bout 2 weeks ago, but here goes anyway:-

1) I'm super duper pauper broke this month. My new washer and car servicing and condo's maintenance charges had really done me in. The few birthdays and farewell gatherings definitely helped too. Helped towards my road to bankruptcy.
2) I thot this is really funny : I had a dream of CY having an affair with ...the thick lips herself! Ms. Angelina Jolie!! Bradcy is the new Bradpitt?
3) I found out I'm a better typist than the office clerk, whose job scope is 80% typing.
4) I'm so fat I imagine the scale to be an evil mental torture instrument. But then again, who loves their scales?
5) The shopaholic movie reminds me of my Bridezilla fren Annie.
6) There's a McDonald's hocus pocus going on! Don't get duped by it! When a deal sounds too good to be true, most times it probably is.
7) I'm gonna plant my size 6 feet on Indonesian soil for the very first time on Labour day. Wonder if i'll see Tobassie. Oh you know, Nessie from Lake Toba...
8) My favourites on this season's American Idol are Adam and Kris and Allison. Scott is too goody goody, Anoop is too puppy-eyed, Matt is too Michael Bubble-ish, Lil is too run of the mill, Danny is too kelian (he lost his granddad lately) and Megan is just, well...too gorgeous! Oozes sexual appeal, tat girl. Tonite at 9.45 i'll be glued to the idiot box like a true blue idiot that i allow myself to be. :-D
9) Credit cards late interest calculation has been revised since last year. If there's any amount outstanding, you don't get to enjoy the 21 days interest free period on new purchases! Take note of this, coz I was flabbergasted when I saw they charged me 12.98 for outstanding amount of 80!
10) I'm taking next Friday off, JUST to go sing karaoke with my sis. Jealous? Hahhahaa...Its ok, don be jealous, i'll make sure i sing your favourite karaoke session song too, email me your favs.. wahhahaha...


sir hc said...

Yawn....boring stuff, dear. U need sleaze pics.

Anyway, top 10 shud alwys start from 10 and end at no. 1. Dun u watch Letterman? Duh...

Denise said...

u're one difficult customer, sir. and pls, sleaze can be found at another blogspot site ok, if tat fella can find time to update sthing other than our minister's son. haha.