Green green paddy field

Green green paddy field

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Gather again..

This is as latest as it can get...these pics were just a few days old...fresh outta the Canon 750 oven.
We had gathered at La Bodega @ Pavillion for Hoi's belated bday last Wednesday. Pavillion has become some sort of our bdays/dinners go to place. Its central for everyone and everyone can pretend to have some sort of class to tell colleagues that oh, you're goin home already? I'm only just gonna hang out with my frens in Pavillion. Well, for me kampung girl, its as high class as it can be! Haha. You can take a girl outta a kampung, you cant take the kampung outta a girl. Kampung and proud of it! :-)

Clem is gonna head back to Sibu in May, how sad for us all, coz then we wouldn't able to listen to his stories which always start with the phrase "c*b#i".

Kok Wing and me here, kw being the new addition to our gathering group, mey dragged him along... The still-look-the-same-from-college-days Yin2 and the newly short haired Mey. What do you get when you put a 'slapper' and a 'high-pitcher' sitting together? A hell lot of 'kepohness'!

Another 2 kepohs here listening to the 2 earlier kepohs.. :-)

Bday boy looking happy eating his spaghetti and drinking his beer..

This was my order, Saffron Angel Hair bla wasnt smashing but already the best pasta dish among all...the others were really quite normal and bland... Desserts were nothing to shout about also, the Mango sthing sthing was the best of the lot, Choc Mousse bla bla and Almond bla bla were just that..Blah... For food and drinks for 9 of us were about 450. We've had better.....

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