Green green paddy field

Green green paddy field

Monday, March 23, 2009

Book me, I'm cheap!!

I'm cracking my head lately to think of how to utilise my leave days. I still have about 7 leave days to take till end of june, on average i can take about 2 days a month til then. But its so annoying that I really have no plans to go anywhere coz I dont have enough dough. So, I'm putting in an offer to all of you here- to book me for day(s) out. I reckon short trips to Ipoh or whatever would be fun..or maybe just be a fake tai-tai for a day and go window shopping..or we can go for lunch Karaoke session perhaps? Maybe have a meal or just yamcha? Or you need anyone to run some errands with, like carrying ur groceries for u, since i'm such a good friend and all. :-) We can do anything, really. I just don't wan to waste my leave days only sleeping in. So, ring me up k, mates..cheerios til then..


Adeline said...

hey... i'll book you.... you can help me with my spring cleaning! jk :> you should move closer! we can hang out ALL the time... okay, maybe not ALL the time. we'll be sick of each other. :) but seriously,... I miss hanging out with you guys!

Denise said...

I'd really love to, my dear girl.. the once in a year hanging out is really crappy ya.