Green green paddy field

Green green paddy field

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Puffing on Victoria's Secrets, anyone?

One incident tickled my funny bones to no end.

CY and i entered the lift in the Tropicana on our way to the cinema, to watch Battle: Los Angeles (which is the worst movie we've watched this and last year combined! Cy fell asleep and i was so bored!).

So anyway, this dude and his dude friend entered the lift also. Then suddenly this dude slapped his head and said "damn, forgot to bring my Victoria's Secrets!". *eyebrows raised, everyone in the lift, i'm sure*. Then his dude friend laughed and said, "you wear Victoria's Secrets???"

Then this dude got really embarrassed coz everyone in the lift was smiling, and then pointed at the ad in the lift which said "VICTORIAN CIGARETTES -electronic cigarettes, the best way to quit smoking"!! He forgot to bring his for a refill or something...

Tell me that's not funny! :-)))

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