Green green paddy field

Green green paddy field

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Nice girly things..

I'm turning into a bag lady, and I mean those expensive kinds. I don't own one although bags have been in the conversation whenever i chat with my dear bridezilla. Or at least shopping related things.

So, my dear bridezilla and I went to the Melium outlet over the weekend where she uh hum.. bought sthing.. sthing perhaps slightly over the budget..but hey, we analysed and thought it justified buying coz it's selling at almost 70% off! A bargain, really. :-P Just don't tell bridezilla's hubby or he might just turn into godzilla. haha..

So, returning to bags. Seems like everyone around me has got a nice bag. Nice would mean with an angmo/Italian (preferably) name. Price is secondary, you can't put a price tag on things u find beautiful, can you. :-)

Thus, dear bridezilla, RM5,980 on a gorgeous Gcci bag is soooo worth it k, you have my support 100%! Devil...devil.... muahahhaa..


Adeline said...

I heard you are going for cole haan now, rich girl... :P

Denise said...

haha, i wish..i cant even afford a coach from outlet.. my bday coming up btw, you feeling generous? have usd 300 to spare???