Green green paddy field

Green green paddy field

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Serving Mankind

Okay, so everyone's sick of my new posts containing only words and more words. But my photos are all stored somewhere else and I'm like a very poor gypsy, going round borrowing pcs and laptops everywhere just to log into facebook and blogspot. SO there, i know my blog is sooo boring...zzzzzzzzz.....

BUt i got tics to watch Transformers this weekend! I was so kiasu i actually went and queued at GSC Times Square after i found out that the website was as good as crashed. And i didnt even get very good seats...hahaha..but hey...kiasuism can only get one so far...i'm NOT like, suppperrrr kiasssuuuuu okay.

Anyway, to round this up....Whats Transformers without the hot chick right...

Haha, so its an arty shot of her without her hot body showing..but i like this shot still..just coz she doesnt look slutty or draggy here.

Ta now..........:-)

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