Green green paddy field

Green green paddy field

Monday, June 8, 2009


A SINGAPOREAN died of heart failure after his penis became stuck in a soft drink bottle, reported Sin Chew Daily and China Press.The incident happened when the 77-year-old man used the bottle to masturbate.China Press reported that the senior citizen got his private part into the bottle and only sought help after his penis could not be dislodged from the bottle despite trying various ways such as applying soap water.Doctors tried to alleviate the man’s suffering by cutting the bottle below the neck but to no avail because by that time, the skin around the penis had started to become inflamed, causing him to be unable to urinate.His misadventure later led to other medical complications causing his death.


Denise's musings: Didn't he ever watched American Pie 1, 2, 3? ;-P Who knew pies are life-savers!


92013© said...

An idle mind is the devil's workshop... Ha! Ha! Ha!

Denise said...

Is that why you love to drink Coke, Benny? haahha..

92013© said...

Ha! Ha! Very observant. You got me there...