Green green paddy field

Green green paddy field

Sunday, September 27, 2009

My less eloquent but not less passionate piece

Rakyat diutamakan, pencapaian didahulukan

That's the tagline heard everywhere these days. 1Malaysia the slogan is catchy, rainbow-filled and best of all, rolls of the tongue easily- it is one syllable lesser than Malaysia Boleh.

So my dearest has written a piece to state his mind (mission statement ala Jerry Maguire comes to mind, dear reminds me of Tom Cruise of coz, not Cuba Gooding Jr.) and saying enough is enough. Our country has basically gone to the dogs and 1Malaysia is actually the abbrevation for 1Malaysia-feed-the-cronies-who-raised-petrol-prices-and-not-income-and-rakyat-ends-up-dying-together. Quite a mouthful, that is why the shortened version is more popular.

I can't help but wonder whether my dearest's trip to our neighbour's kiasuland recently influenced him to write that piece. And also my occasional whining and wishing aloud of migrating. I suspect both did. Together of coz, with the ridiculous happenings involving windows and cows recently.

I used to an idealist as well, I wanted to be proud of 1M, wanted to do good, wanted to fight for rights, wanted to see corruptions and cronyisms end. Heck, i even marched to the Prime Minister's department in the rain to hand over the memorandum seeking a royal commission during the height of the correct, correct, correct debacle. But.. i'm afraid, that is all i can credit myself with in regards to standing up for things that are right, and saying we want change. That and writing a short blog post asking ppl to go and vote at the previous election. little I did.

But but 3808 was monumental. Some ppl even call it a political tsunami. But i think the previous government would probably think of it as the shit hits the fan at full blast. And it definitely cannot get any shittier than now (I stand to be corrected, of coz, as time and again the politicians just managed to up a notch and sprang a few more surprises (ie. feed more shits to the rakyat)). I'm not a political person, I don't read the papers nor do I even watch the news everyday and if I happen to catch the news, I'm more interested to see Nadal's tight ass running around court than the 1M politicians gracefully and smilingly spooning us poops, thank you very much. Therefore, why should I even bother bout the political going-ons??

Answer is very simple: coz I live in this country (pre-migration, dear?) and the state of the political climate and how the government runs are affecting me now more than ever. Because of the level of corruptions, because of the cronyisms, leading to inflation, leading to increased crime rate, leading to the stagnant salaries, leading to the declining education system, leading to the religious intolerance, leading to smaller things like potholes (although potholes are generally quite big nowadays), high toll rates, ron92 to ron95, the police especially hard-working ridding the roads of bad bad people in the middle of the nites during this holy month, i can go on and on...

The thing is, I can be more diligent and rise up the ranks, ask for more salary, have better buying power and can afford better things like v-power instead of the rons. But I know at that time, things like snatch thiefs and motorbikers breaking my car's windows then grabbing my purse and abducting my children in playgrounds would still be among my top concerns. Leave it to the police, you say? Well, there are just sooo many bad ppl to apprehand on quiet roads at 1 a.m that I don't think they have the time really.

The politicians have working hard to brainwash us into thinking that nevermind the advanced countries, our county is so much better off than so many others, that we are the fortunate lot. Great, go on and compare with Indonesia, Bangladesh and the likes, as we'll also be among their ranks very soon. All I know is that even if the kiasulanders are kiasu, at least their buses come on time. Advanced countries do have better living standards and better living standard comes from very simply good governance, which is needless to say that we do not have.

I don't offer any solutions to change, no suggestions either. What I can do is let my grievances be made and let's pray that the rakyat's voice will be loud enough to whip the politicians into action. Let's all pray for a change soon. And soon is not nearly enough. I want it now. So that I can also laungkan 1Malaysia proudly. Don't you want it too??

Anyway, which comes first? The rakyat or the pencapaian?

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