Green green paddy field

Green green paddy field

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Geeshhhh, needless to say...I'm so ashamed of myself...coz I've let u down..for not posting for so long..and especially when I know you depend on my blog for providing a ray of light to your day/life. I apologize. Deeply, truly, madly (?).

I havent posted a single blog entry for the month of January! Now, if tat doesnt call for a punishment, I donno what will. (ok, perhaps never remembering your birthdays and relying on facebook to give reminders for coming birthdays and office blocking facebook and never receive reminders and thus, never wishes you happy birthdays is also quite bad). So I'm gonna punish myself by ......mmmm, not having the last of the cny pineapple tarts today...i'll wait till tomorrow..:-)

In the meantime, here are the reasons i've been so sidetracked lately...

As you know, i've been hanging out with some friends in Cameron Highlands...

Tried my hands in selling jagung by the roadside.."Cheap cheap jagung free lenglui!". The best marketing strategy that I could think of...but still no business though...wonder why really...hahah.

Getting my hair wind blown at the Boh tea plantation..til my mouth also senget..
Then, in January, I headed to Sandakan for Tommy and Kelly's wedding...
At a seafood restaurant, I sang : "He aint heavy, he's a lobster.."

Then at the Crocodile Farm,

Crocodile sings : "She aint heavy...she's...oh, who we kidding, she's bloody heavy!"

So yeah, that's a bit of my past activities lately...not to mention balik kampung for cny and also doing up my new abode.
Till the next post, which could be in 2020 when nobody raises half an eyebrow to see elected reps doing the grasshopper thingy, cheeriosss my lovely lovely friends and happy Valentines day....:-DD...

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