Green green paddy field

Green green paddy field

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Moving On..

Gee, i'm super duper diligent in blogging now am i not? :-) ..I guess i just wan to make up for lost opportunities and chances for great blog posts that i could've done for all the time i went MIA.

There were times when i was doing things and it would occur to me that dang, i'd love to put all these thoughts into writing now, too bad i cant blog bout this or that or the latest dirty joke that i heard. (wait for the next post on tat.hehe.)

So, here i am, able to blog again thanks to CY's generosity in lending me his lappie and depriving himself of the chance to get some guuterpostie (typo intended).

I finally moved out from (dare I say it, beloved) Miharja a few months back. For friends who have been to my ex-pad before would know how 'bad' the place was. But i've always thought it was ok. Except when the 'floaties' came and made everything 'brown'. Remember the taugeh story? Yep yep. So the place had a lot of flaws. But, it was also a home away from home for a very very long time. For bout 9 years, to be exact. Yea, nearly a decade. Mind-blowing really for those unaccustomed to the idea of living in the slums. Hahahahaa...

Anyway, I've always popped in to the neighbourhood once in a while, to check the mailbox, to drop off laundry at the laundromat, get some fruit rojak(still favourite so far).

But I didnt expect to see this on thestar online one day:-

They demolished the neighbourhood mamak! Operating without license or whatever reason the authorities use when they couldnt get enuf kopi lui. A bit sad bout tat. :-( That was the mamak that saw me through my growing up years. When i just came to KL, sharing a room with 3 other girls, starting college, experiencing city life, getting all giggly and ditzy when our then ok looking (the most handsome guy we've seen at tat time) hsemate spent 2 minutes talking to us on the way to the bathroom, starting new friendships, starting relationships, starting to go to Dome and Starbucks 4 times a week pretending to be cool, saying goodbyes to roommates and saying hello to new hsemates(loads and loads), passing exams, ending relationships, starting working life....sigh...really who can forget the famous flash floods that one fateful day caused Yshin's car to go for an overhaul or the time that (scuse my french) bitch told me my man was also apparently hers. Happy times, sad times. Good times, great times. Idle times, heart-breaking times, honest-to-goodness-awesome times. All those happen to me, in that crappy but oh so familiar neighbourhood.

So when my bro in law said my new hse is like heaven compared to my old one, I couldn't help being a little defensive towards that taman in cheras i've called home for 9 (9!) years!

Therefore, when i saw this pic, can you really blame me for feeling tat tiny bit of a tug in my heart??

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