Green green paddy field

Green green paddy field

Sunday, May 11, 2008


Meant to do really great stuff to my blog lotsa pictures to post. But alas kepala pusing from last week is still following me til today! And i havent been sleeping well at all..must be pillow n mattress problems...i dunno..someone help me!

And to top all that off....found out this morning that some idiot/focker/barbarian/deuchebag stole my car antannae!!! It was bad enough having my wipers stolen, n now d antannae is gone as well. I cant stand living around there anymore! I've been telling ppl n myself tat it wasnt such a bad neighbourhood once you;ve gotten used to the smelly dog/cat shits along the corridors, the uncollected week old rubbish and the for-show-only lift. But this is too much, assaulting my car...My PUre InnocEnt Big WHIte!!:-((((((((((

I'm so moving away soonnnnnnn......

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