Green green paddy field

Green green paddy field

Monday, May 12, 2008

Roses are white is my car..

Haha, so i suck at rhyming..but here's sthing for the ladies (btw, whenever i use this word, I think of Edison and his press to be envious of....:)))
Hua.......not orchid lar...
Flowers sent to our office one fine day (for the recipient tat is, for the rest of us non-recipients, it was a sucky day reminding us that we're not flower-worthy..boohooo).....

Mey gotten hold of the flowers and see how jealous and vindictive Connie looks! muahahah.. [credits to Director Denise alone for the directions and arrangements of models and props for this pic!! Talented am i not??!:-)))]

OKok, enuf mucking's d rightful owner of the beautiful flowers..our own Ms Penny..:-)

P.S a bit of a gossip here...the flowers were from one of our clients! And Mr client was born in year 1981! A good few years younger than our pretty lady Penny. Very very courageous of Mr Client don you think???

PPS. U men reading this are not overrated okay..Women receiving flowers do feel beautiful and appreciated and loved and everything nice....* together now: flowers nice flowers nice flowers nice flowers nice*

[Note to husky:..This is not a personal attack on husky..juniors love flowers, so they made me said tat...hehe]

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