Green green paddy field

Green green paddy field

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Sa wA Dee Ka

Hi frens, i'm back from bangkok dy..Land of Smiles (ermm, if i remember correctly la).

I'm sooooo sleepy right now.. coz my Airasia flight landed at 11.30 last night and i slept at 2. Then had to woke up at 8 to got court. Then my dear colleague connie threw me a last minute pile of shit so i had to go to another matter and waited for the judge for 2 1/2 hours. Bleurghh... with all those waiting and rude court interpreters and pretentious lawyers, I wonder if i will really miss my litigation days next time....

I digress...coming back..

So, I'm now nursing my sore wobbly legs, tofu thighs, and jelly backside from the hours and hours of walking in bangkok. My age is mayb finally catching up on me? Its really frightening to know that i'm gonna turn 28 this year. But 28 sounds auspicious..hahah...some consolation..

More moro...gotta go...old lady with zombie face needs to go home liao!


Natallie said...

hey.. being 28 is not THAT old laaaaaaa :P

Denise said...

not THAT old, but then how come I have wrinkles liao and my frens' kids call me aunty????? haha...