Green green paddy field

Green green paddy field

Monday, May 26, 2008

First Nite in Bangkok & Hotel Room

Pictures of Bangkok ("Bang" added to "Cock"? No wonder its a city famed for its err..colourful 'nightlife'. heh.)

Meant to write up like a real travelogue with as much details as a proper guidebook, but i think i'll be too i'll do what i can ok...all from memory, didnt note down each n every detail..

First up, Airasia flight to Bkk at 2020, but was delayed till 2050, to merge with another flight i think. And the smallest plane yet that i've yet to sit it. I dont remember the model of the plane only that it was bumpy all the way to bkk.

We arrived around 2200 and our airport transport driver was there waiting for us. Took around 30 minutes to get to our hotel at Ratchadapisek. Had first taste of Bangkok drivers' driving. Kept us awake, to keep it short.

Checked in and dropped our luggage and straightaway went to a restaurant called Spoon (also in Ratchada, but its a very long road) by taxi. To meet up Keith aka Lau Sau, Yee Shin's Kajang friend who's currently working in Bangkok.

I was so sleepy by then, it was midnight in KL. But on Keith's insistance, I had my first taste (yes, i tasted many firsts in Bkk!!) of their roast pork .... No regrets man!!!! Never had better pork in my life! The perfect merger of lean meat with lard...mama mia....must try!

The dip was amazing too...yummmyyyy porkyyyy....

This is Keith...

This is Spoon, where we went to 2 nights in a row...LIve Band, big screen football and good services. Its just beside the club 'Hollywood".

Pool table too..

One big bottle of Carlsberg was RM12 plus services etc...Yshin was soooo happeeee..

Then the next day................

Well, here's my buddy YeeShin having breakfast at our hotel. We stayed at Watana Mansion. Very nice name, but its more of a guesthouse. We saw a few 'ladies' (wahahhaa,sori, sori, edison's curse...still thought of him whenever i hear or use this word!!:-PPP) around the lobby...haha.. But its rather cheap and clean, so we din mind at all. Yshin 'preferred' it that way most likely..hahaha...Luckily he doesnt read my blog so i can slag him off as much as i like too..;-P

Anyway, our hotel was BHT2,400 for 2 pax double/twin for 3 nights. Inclusive of breakfast and 30 minutes of free internet everyday. And also to and fro airport transfer! Pretty good deal man.. My fren told me normally airport transfer is BHT300-400 one way ler...

So as u can see, the American breakfast is not much, its just sausage, ham and egg and 2 pieces of toast and coffee. But its kira not bad liao. If u get muak of American dy, u can ask for boiled rice with chicken or pork. I tried tat and it turned out to be rather nice porridge.

haha, saw this sign near d lifts....ooohhh, lucky i didnt bring my pet snake along...hahahaa

Farang (thai lingo for gwai lo) swimming in d hotel pool...

Quite clean room... we got twin single beds, so it cant be as 'used' (ie soiled!) as a double bed right...I'm so smart.

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