Green green paddy field

Green green paddy field

Saturday, May 31, 2008

Bangkok Day Choooo...

We started Day 2 with the Grand Palace and Wat Phra Kaew. It was Wesak Day in Thailand too, so a lot of ppl were at the Wats (temples) praying.

Entrance fee RM25, quite steep actually...

Here's me at the entrance....long pants n toes-covered shoes required to enter.


Devotee to cham-whoring..


Lost puppy...So ugly, patutlah owner left her there....:-((((

Arrest me, stepping on the King's grass!

See, so pandai, no hands...

Strong mule, can hold up one tonne..

Wats birdie doing in Bangkok???

Oh wait, its another birdie...


We met a few of the warned-about scammers around the Grand Palace/Wat Pho area. Modus operandi is usually to act as officials/guides of the Wats and be helpful towards tourists. What usually transpires will be like this:-

Scammer: Halo, from HOng KOng? China?

Innocent tourists: No, Malaysia.

Scammer : Oh, beautiful country. Arr..yOu want to go into Wat Pho? Today is Wesak Day, so closed already. Re-open at 5.

IT would normally looked bummed on hearing this bit of information.

Scammer: Oh, you wan to see Buddhas? I know this place, Wat Sthing, beautiful diamond encrusted Buddha (ok, it was mayb just bronze or marble), very near here, and Wat SthingElse, they have Crystal Buddha (btw, I give the new Indy Jones movie a 5 outta 10 thumbs).

IT shows a bit of interest...

Scammer: Very near, I can arrange for tuk-tuk, BHT200 only. And i ask tuk-tuk send you for free to Thailand Jewellery Centre. You in luck, today only, 30% discount for tourists..Then after that, come back here, 5pm, this Wat opens.

IT senses something must be too good to be true, yet, the words 30% discounts is just too irresistable, given their greedy off they goo...

N never to be seen in Bangkok again.....


Ohhh, hahaha, not so bad la, never to be seen in Bkk again coz they returned to Malaysia liao depleted of money only. And me n Yshin didnt go...he wanted to but I was wayyyy too smart to be scammed. I know, he's so lucky to have a buddy like me....awww...:-DD

The infamous Khao San Road

Orange Juice from here...BHT25

You see, not much business at first....

Then i went n bought noodles, and stand near d stall n eat..

Noodle and Spring ROll BHT4

After I become the stall's model...brisk business!

Power of advertising! Tee hee..Beh pai seh..

Anyway, after Khao San Rd we took a bus to MBK, for some window shopping...BHT7 oni wor...

Y shin was asking, Mana bus??? Mana lengluis??

Bangkok Jam

Bus-sing about .. wanted to post a video taken on d bus, yet it loads so slowly that i've given up.

More on BKK on d next post....:-))

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