Green green paddy field

Green green paddy field

Friday, September 2, 2011


Kompiah is a traditional Foochow food/snack. Its made from flour and with stuffings inside, like meat, vege, etc.

My friend Annie who married a Foochow and migrated(!) to Sarawak East Malaysia bought me some from Sibu previously. Nice.

Then recently we had a sojourn to my brother in law's hometown of Sungai Pelek which is predominantly FooChow also and we bought some kompiah for teatime. But this type is totally different from the ones from EM. This is more like 'chan bao'- bread with stuffings. But still nice nevertheless (let's chant now "The more i eat, the fatter i become. The fatter i become, the more i eat").

I started eating in the car! This one had vegetable fillings- mucha nicear!

I don't know why this pic turned out looking grossy with a wormy lookalike in the middle, but that is actually a shred of radish!

Well, tat's all, ta! Sorry boring post!

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