Green green paddy field

Green green paddy field

Friday, September 9, 2011

Hollywood shelf

okay, busybody Hollywood updates, all pics courtesy of yahoo, in case u think i'm so free to trawl through all Hollywood sites...

First up, Johnny boy here...i dono, he looks a bit different than normal, perhaps i've gotten too used to seeing him in Captain Sparrow's look.. Still, who can forget him in 21 Jump St right? Right???? Yes, i'm an 80s baby!

Second up- Bradley Coop looking a bit too orange here for my liking- but he speaks French!! There, proven that women will find just about any excuses to defend hot men... French hello! Oh Bradley, Oui to anything you want!!

Next! Hot man being taken off the shelf alert! Well, not that he was ever on MY shelf...

Ryan Gosling has been photographed hanging out in Disneyland with Eva mendes!! I've got nothing against Eva, except that she cant act (there: proven that women will always find faults with hot women) but Ryan in The Notebook- nuff said.

Another pic of this gorgeous couple---

Happy weekend everyone!

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