Green green paddy field

Green green paddy field

Friday, September 23, 2011


I'm heading to Singapore for my birthday celebration next weekend!!

Ya, by default, actually hahaha. Coz it is actually my firm's trip and it so happen that we're heading there on my birthday. Well, time to change my blog's title. Anyway, I'm always wondering if it is 30 year old or 30 years old?? Grammatically challenged on this one.

Anyway anyway, we're gonna be staying in Hotel 81 in Geylang!! For the uninitiated (spelling check pls!), that is the red light district in Singapore and where the cheapest accomodation can be found. The type where you ask for their room rates they will tell you the hourly rates. We werent supposed to have any trip at all this year, so we're just thankful for anything.

The previous times my friends and i stayed in a hotel there, we heard a woman screaming and shrieking for a good (?) 10 mins or so. It was fake and very deliberate, if u ask me. Not that i'm any expert on that. hahaha..

And on another occasion, the hotel's alarm went off in the middle of the nite and an African man ran down the stairs in only his boxer and a briefcase. Turned out to be a faulty alarm and by the 3rd time or so, we just couldnt be bothered and continued sleeping. Ohh, i dont know what's in the briefcase, we wondered bout tat too. And i cant recall the color of his boxer too, in case u wanna ask. Anyway, very colorful area...wondering if some of my prim and proper colleagues can take all the excitement...

So, next weekend, off to Universal Studios Singapore.....yipppppeeee!


saltvinegar said...

Hotel 81 is i guess associated with Geylang and the red light district, but i guess as long as it's in Singapore it can't be that seedy.

HAve a great trip!

Denise said...

oh, turned out the one that we stayed in, Hotel 81 Palace is rather clean and caters primarily for families and bona fide tourists. Overall, not bad. :-)