Green green paddy field

Green green paddy field

Monday, July 19, 2010

Yuin Yuin

Wow, I've never had such emotional roller-coasters like i have been having for the past few days. It ranges from disbelief to disappointment to anger to sadness to denial to selfcreated hope to worry to sorrow to joy and to currently - all of the above interchangeably from one minute to the next.

It's quite beyond me that i can find the strength to come to work and to even blogging. A cruel haha.

From all the bad news that i have gotten and waiting to get, i'm so happy to hear than my friend Yuin is with child. Much much congrats to her and its such joyous news and i wanna thank her for being pregnant, thank you Yuin for giving me the ray of light on such gloomy days.......... I just cant wait to know whether it will be a mini Yuin or mini John..And when it comes to choosing a name for the baby, i personally recommend Usher if its a boy and Meadow Daisy if its a girl. :-D

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Adeline said...

awww... I am so honored. A blog post dedicated to me...! yipee...!! :) Thank you.