Green green paddy field

Green green paddy field

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Are they rude or just plain entitled to?

We're currently listing our condo in Cheras for sale, as I'm moving to Klang after the wedding. So far there have been 4 or 5 viewing but no offers have been made yet. If you're a part (or full) time agent or just wanna kepoh see my unit, here's the link on iproperty.

So last nite the realtors brought these 2 girls for a viewing. Maybe in their late 20s, early 30s. Smallish in statures, look like those doing accounts type. haha, pardon my stereotyping.

Anyway, the moment they stepped into my condo, they began their 'mission' - ie leave no stones unturned. They opened and closed the kitchen cabinets, peered into the sink, opened the fridge, tested the sliding door mechanism, switched on and off the lights, flushed the toilet, knocked on the shower screen, peered at the paint works, stared at the air cond and feeling the air blown out from the air cond, and best of all, went into my bedroom and walked around touching my wardrobe, the windows, curtains, the drawers...they were this close to opening my wardrobe but i stopped them in time, wouldn't want my clothes falling on them and claiming the public liability insurance.

I felt a bit violated and annoyed, coz all the previous viewers were courteous and only politely peered into my bedroom and if they wan to open any drawers, cabinets, will ask for my permission before doing so. And it feels very vulnerable to let other ppl judge your place of habitat, ie, is it clean, tastefully renovated, gd choice of curtains, minimalistic, avant garde, feels very uncomfortable...since I am still living there.

However, in their defense, we are selling the condo fully furnished, so maybe it is okay for them to check out the cabinets, etc? I dunno, whatcha thinka?


Natallie said...

not acceptable behavious. Dont let any other viewers do the same. Unless they pay a 'touching-deposit'..wahaha

-peiteng :)

Denise said...

whoring my furnitures huh..hahah..