Green green paddy field

Green green paddy field

Thursday, July 8, 2010

My Friday Mood!

In such a jovial mood today, not only coz its Friday, it's also a Friday leading towards a long weekend coz i'm taking leave on Monday and Tuesday..hahaha..don jealous...

Reason coz i'm taking leave is becoz my dear bridezilla, uh humm, i mean dear Annie is gonna especially fly in from Sibu to accompany me to choose my photoshoot gowns on Tuesday. Very kind of her to do so, although i did bribe her with full board and meals during her stay in KL. Mamak everyday it is! haha.

So so, let me tell you my leave plan, starting from now :-

Friday nite: Watching Eclipse with CY.
Saturday : Tagging along with CY to Ipoh, he's going for work purposes and i'm going for chicken rice, white coffee and pomelo purposes.
Sunday : Fetching Annie from Sentral, Swedish meatballs at Ikea, Bazaar at the Curve, Hens Nite at TGIF! I wanted to go Zeta Bar but my hens are all umm..domesticated. Shucks...World Cup Final!!!!
Monday: Mamaking, Fetching Annie to Low Yat and mindlessly watching her hair gets (s)permed hehee, fighting with mui mui chais over rm25 clothes in Sungei Wang pLaza, maybe lunch with Yin yin at pavilion, fetching Annie to Mid valley so she can browse a sizeable charles n keith store, mamaking, me dying of exhaustion.
Tuesday: Mamaking, to bridal studio for the gowns choosing, mamaking, fetching Annie to KLIA.
Wednesday: Beating myself over not applying another day's leave...

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