Green green paddy field

Green green paddy field

Thursday, September 9, 2010


I've been ill the past 2 days. Suddenly was just stricken with fever and sorethroat for no apparent reason. I've been diligently drinking lots of H2O, taking my Vitamins, not much fried foods (really!), carrying an umbrella in the rain, and suddenly, wham bham hello inflamed throat in the middle of the nite. Fever quickly followed in the morning and rendered me unfit for work the next 2 days.

I'm now much better, although my colleagues say i still look 'face green lips white'. Oh well, at least i'm better. And oh, i lost some weight too, my skirt is a bit looser. (bridezilla says yeahhhh!! :-) some good did come out of it.

And CY has been sweet as well, driving all the way down to KL to drive me to the clinic and then return to Shah Alam to work, and bringing me dinner again that evening. But of course, the sarcastic and critical voice in my head will still say things like "Oh, he's got flexi hours with work" and "He drives far to see his friends too". How ungrateful. Sometimes, one really need to silence that critical voice and just be at peace with life's simple offerings.

Okayyy, i've lost the plot...gotta go take my medication now...truly, i'm still taking antibiotics.....and peeps, do take care of your health, we take health for granted really, until we get sick, and we cant drive, we cant work, we only eat wholemeal bread for lunch, dinner and supper....ok i shut up. Now.

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