Green green paddy field

Green green paddy field

Thursday, September 2, 2010

The ones that didnt make the cut

We went to choose the 65 pics that will make it into the album without much fanfare. It was pretty easy *sarcastic*, with cy keeps saying cincai to everything i ask his opinion on. So we had chosen our main frame, the parents' frames, the jimui pics, the album design, bla bla, in just under 2 hours. We had the soft copies of all the pics to choose aforehand, and therefore made things easier. Not that many 'wow' pics to choose from made it even more easy. Hmmmm....lucky or not...*shrug*

And so at the end of the day, we only added something like rm120 for 2 new designs, i managed to keep it at 65 pics without adding any extra poses. Very good job, Denise!

Anyway, these are the ones that didnt make the cut, they're in the bad category. No matter how much i enjoy poking fun at myself, my self-depreciating humour still has not gotten to the stage where i'll put up the worse and worst categories' pics yet ya.......Heh.

Weird head angle. Guess i'm not that much shorter than cy.

Big face and bigger arms, although everything under, above, centre, left and right of the sun can be photoshopped these days.

I think this is somewhat cute, with my pretty woman wannabe smile and cy's fake one. I did enquire whether ppl will photoshop 'away' the cleavage and was dismissed with a 'chisin, where add cleavage got lar!'

Stiff and stiff

Like Sylvester waiting to pounce on an unsuspecting Tweety.

Cy's bitten by insect just behind his ear. I got bout 6 bites too on my arms.

Funny leaning pose.

This is not in the bad category actually, i quite like the genuine toothy smile when sharing a laugh with Shirley, my very nice MUA.

Cy was blowing air into my mouth and made me laugh

The really bad pose aside, I'm a pd girl but i didnt know such a bridge existed! I asked a few of my pd frens, they knew of it and even went there to pakto before! Wth, pakto never call me...haha..

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