Green green paddy field

Green green paddy field

Monday, August 8, 2011


I was in Bandung, Indonesia over the weekend with CY's friends. Prior to the trip i had very limited knowledge of the place and its interests, what i knew i gathered from my malay colleagues who have been there before - cool highlands weather, outlets shopping haven, super sweet and tasty bananas (swear i didnt make tat up) and umm...nothing else!

And this is one trip that i totally didnt arrange or plan any itinery, coz the last time i had some sort of expectations on the bali trip, i got so bothered that i didnt get to go to Tanah Lot and had a huge fight with Cy- him thinking that i shd just follow the group's wishes and me thinking that i can do my own thing. Oh well, still learning..... heh...

So, here comes the pig...i mean, the pix!

That's a crater. Volcano area- some active, others sleeping, the rest dead.
Group pic, 7 of us including JH, who's taking the pic.

My hair looks great....

The local huts selling souvenirs and local products. Prices are ok, ppl are not crookish(!).

Though we are pretty much sure that the strawberries have been dipped in syrup- wayyy too sweet... The blueberries are very blue, though...

Having our "Goreng" lunch consisting of Goreng Pisang, Goreng Tauhu, Goreng UBi, Goreng Tempeh, Goreng Sayur,... No chili sauce given, though they throw in some cili padi. Me no dare! The rest said it's very fragrant.

Hello group! My Bata sandals are still very comfy and sturdy, i'm happy to report! That's probably the 3rd plastic bag of "gorengs". IDR1,000 for 1 pc, around RM1 for 3 pcs. Malaysian price i supposed.

We went to Kampung Daun for late lunch/early dinner. The concept is that they have huts for each group of diners set amid the lush green forest (doesnt matter if it's landscaped).

Cy and i are struck with the newly weds' curse. Must swear off suppers!

Dono what its called in english - cotton candy??

Dinner arrived! This is my nasi tempel - rice cooked in banana leaf, quite fragrant but not amazing. But i love tempeh of all kinds, and they gave quite a big piece, so i'm sated.

Cy's nasi goreng sthing. Our sate's much better.

Supposedly the duck on the left corner is very good, but i'm not keen on ducks...

Sup oxtail. Too cold to be enjoyed fully. That's one disadvantage of not eating in a cramped hot restaurant, since the kitchen's probably a mile away, most of the food is already cool when they reach us. I don't blame the waiters, i also wouldnt be walking to and fro the kitchen to deliver 1 dish everytime 1 is cooked.

with Yeeshyun, the pretty mommy.

That's the pretty daddy. haha..

hello pretty troopers!!

Oh btw, Captain America's quite good, i liked it...:-)

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