Green green paddy field

Green green paddy field

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Being Heavy

I brought work home just to realize that i've left my thumbdrive still stuck in the office pc. Great, just when i've finally got the mood to work, i've to go and browse the internet aimlessly..tough life. hehe. so here i am..trying to get inspiration to blog- was throughing the old photos folder and came across the pics taken in singapore with cy. I was soooo heavy and honestly, look so clumsy, mumsy, mousy, you get the picture.

Here, and of coz, it didnt help that i was standing next an LV ad, showing those gorgeous slim gams. I was as far from glamorous as can be. I think i was weighing about 57kgs then. And was also having acne problem due to hormonal imbalance (yes, its true and i'll get to that).

My wedding helped me to get back in shape, i lost bout 5 kgs and was weighing at 52 during my wedding last December. And my skin cleared just in time too, thank god!

Just for comparison, here's my photo taken after i've lost weight.

Uhh, probably not a gd pic for comparison - i was wearing tons of make up and my arms are always the hardest place to slim down.

Mmm, sorry for lack of better pics, other recent pics are in THAT thumbdrive. Those were my bday flowers from my ex-future husband, ie my husband :-)

Dunno what you think but i thought i already looked much better after dropping that few kilos and my skin having cleared considerably, though i looked pale under the harsh office lights. haha.

All in all, i dropped bout 5 kgs in 6 months - i went to the gym often, had salads for dinners, had healthy bfasts, stressing out over the wedding preps, those are the 'secrets' to my weight loss. Oh, i went to the slimming centre for a course too, paid rm500 for them just to rub some damn heating cream on me and chuck me into the sauna to roast. If just to give them credit, perhaps i dropped 800gms from there. *shrug*

And as for the acne, cy said he believes my rabbit diet (eat vege like rabbits, not eat rabbits) helped clear them. But i believe there's another 'secret' to it. More of that in another post. Heh.

4 months down the road from the wedding date- i've gained back some 3 kgs and due to the work load nowadays, i cant find time to lug my butt to the gym. Sadly. But in order to stop piling up the pounds, i'm gonna find a way to stop it - though dont' know how yet. ahhaha....

ciao, time for bed!


saltvinegar said...

Girl we have the same bouquet! Nice.. i had really bad break outs near my wedding... and i'm skinny like a ...well i'm very skinny! You're so lucky! Fats contribute to oestrogen in the body which gives people healthy glowy skin.

Denise said...

sori girl, havent been bloggin for a long time!

same bouquet? :-) it was nice but i felt that the colors didnt 'pop' though. anyway, it's all memories now, imperfections and all. :-D

all the best in ur studies, btw..

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