Green green paddy field

Green green paddy field

Tuesday, September 9, 2008


I spoke on the phone just now with someone on a property deal. She is unhappy with some arrangements and she said she is 'pissed off' with our letter to her.

Yes, she actually said 'pissed off''. Haahaha, summore she is just a staff and its not her property. I tried to be diplomatic and asked if there's anything i could help her with, but she said she won't talk to me and will just write an official letter to us. Wow.

Why so personal, lady?


Rice Cooker said...

girl's got issue !!!
will the official letter includes "pissed off"????
would be interesting, wouldnt it!!!

oh yeah !!! u forgot to post a pic of ur ex-roommate. u have to go recon on her.

Denise said...

no pissed off in the letter, but she addressed it to my boss and mentioned my name 4 times. hahaha.. 'fierce' is the new 'courteous' mayb?

forget bout hsemate la, freaking beh tahan her, but i'm gonna shift out soon, so i let things slide la..

where's my porridge???

Rice Cooker said...

moving out, eh? wat, her 'chest' too big for the both of you?

anyway, not sure whats going on but your porridge had turned into rice cake for some reason. rice cake with "pei tan". yeah, not sure you want that !!!

Denise said...

her chest distracted me from sleep every la, its just time to shift out from that place lor...

pei tan ricecake?? hmm, can i have some pancakes instead?? feel like having western today..:]