Green green paddy field

Green green paddy field

Thursday, February 21, 2008

my childhood frens

lots have been goin on lately, chinese new year has ended, 2008 has officially begun. saw quite of few of my frens this cny, and as per chungyee, my frens are like baby-making machines! but its a compliment really, coz i see how happy my frens are wit their children, or soon-to-be-coming babies. i'll b compiling a list soon, of the cutie babies of my frens...wait for it!

as for this post, i just wanna say how much i miss my childhood frens... i do miss u guys very very much. its been a while since we meet up..and since yuin is coming back to malaysia next month and pei is expecting her baby..i really cant wait to see u guys! just that ling won b around though..well, to Ling in staten island chasing her dreams.. all d best!

us a couple of years back... i'm getting really nostalgic now..sob sob..

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