Green green paddy field

Green green paddy field

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Gong Hei gong hei..

i'm back from london.. today is the 2nd day of work, stil wish i'm on break though. to and fro london in 8 days, not my idea of fun actually...coz i had spent 27 hours in the plane..and not to mention the transit to the airports. creaky ol bones were just barely taking it.. just goes to show how unhealthy/unfit i am..coz after spending some time walking in london with wei-yee, i could barely lift my left leg the next day! why left, u ask. i dunno, the left works harder than the right i suppose, or is lazier and has gone mogok..

so now today is the 7th day of the chinese lunar new year, this year has been really quiet n tats wat everybody's been telling me. has it really been tat quiet in ur hometown also? well, let me try spending the 9th day in klang, where the hokkien reigns supreme.. i need to b reminded its the chinese new year!

so the edison saga is continuing.. call me perverted, but i umm...had looked at the pictures, and i hav to say that they're really gd pics! we shall see if there are any more of them coming k...:-P

here are some of my london pics...

super cute baby in the plane..very guai, din cry and irritate me at all..:-P

me n wei yee having lunch at belgo@ covent garden.. she had mussels, i had sausages, not bad not bad

looking frozen at covent garden

at trafalgar square

me acting cute peering out from my mum's plants

sloane square..upclass area, don play play..

me n my pimple attacking the cherry

ma, wil i grow bigger like mario if i eat this mushroom?? are there any tortoises for me to stomp on??

sheep from wallace n gromit!! how cute is tat?!

my mogok left foot supported by sheepie....

yes, sheepie, wha..i beg ur pardon...wat do u mean my foot weighs a ton?!! :-(

PS. need i tell myself n my same age frens that we wil actually turn 29 in the chinese calender year??! those of u unmarried like me, hav u faced the inquisitive interrogation sessions from ur aunties ("sam gu lok po") this chinese new year yet? angpows are definitely getting harder to b obtained by the year....hehehe..

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