Green green paddy field

Green green paddy field

Monday, November 14, 2011

India 1

Okay, part 1 of India... By sequence it should be Taiwan first, but India is still fresh in mind, therefore the favoritism...

And the sequence of the pictures are all toggled..yeah, 4 years blogging and still getting the sequence wrong, smart i know :-P

So anyway, i reached Delhi around 10pm local time to be greeted by my good friend YEe, she flew in from Mumbai where she had been staying for a week doing wedding shopping with her friend from London. We then took a pre-paid taxi to our hotel in Nehru Place. U can see the hotel at the bottom of this post hahaa....

And on the second day, her colleague from London (who is from Delhi and taking a home break at the same time of our visit) and his brother and friend drove us around Delhi..

This is one of the chaat that we ordered during lunch.. basically its pastry in spices and local yoghurt...sourish and savourish (got such word ka?)..

That's YEe, Mishal, Akjay and Akil.

Elaborate golden wall decoration..

Us at Qutub Minar, one of the monuments in Delhi..

Half built tower in Qutub Minar.... sorry, no history coz we didnt get a guide, audio nor in person.

Okay, backtrack...this is the garden at our hotel, guests playing cricket, India's favourite game (not national game, which is hockey. Ha! I do know some trivia! :-D)

The hotel lobby's fountain...

Eros Hotel (used to be InterContinental) managed by Hilton. Its not new, but recently refurbished due to the takeover by Hilton. Service is kinda good, except when we first arrived, there was a garden wedding going on, so they were understaffed.

Me at buffet breakfast..wide selection of western and asian food. I was taking lots of Indian food on the first morning.

The view outside the room, the smog covering Delhi is there allll the time.. how sad, beautiful city but terrible air.

K, more next time. and at this rate, it will take maybe 100 posts before i can finish..oh well... :-)


Adeline said...

I am so jealous of you right now! You are traveling everywhere!!!

Denise said...

And here i am wishing I have a cute Eurasian baby! haha

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