Green green paddy field

Green green paddy field

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

July 9th, 2011 - Clean Msia Up!!

Okay, so the day has came and gone- i wasnt there, but my husband was. And he's mighty chuffed that he was there even when he got tear gassed and water cannonned. (look at minute 0:40 onwards hehe)

anyway, this came in the mail- no idea which lawyer wrote this, but i share the sentiment too :-

JUNE 28 — I used to be angry and that gave me the passion to study harder, to try and be a lawyer who does something great for humanity,if not for her country. But over the years, the anger turned intosadness, and then, finally, into the vacuum of apathy.Every day, we are trying hard to live in a system that is beingmisused and abused, sometimes even at the expense of our fundamentalliberties — our human rights; rights inherent within us as humans. Fartoo many people get bullied into thinking that this is all there isand all there will ever be.I was sick of it all and I had not even started practicing.

So when Ifinished Bar school in September 2007, I planned to stay on toexperience working life in the UK. I knew the Malaysian judiciary wasin a mess. In fact, I thought personally that the entire legalprofession was in stupor and that justice could never exist in myhome.Then one day a friend sent me an offline message. She said, “Oh myGod. Read the news. Your ‘loyars’ here are marching to the PrimeMinister’s office!”When I started reading the news, the words did not quite make sense to me:“Lawyers walking for change!”, “JUDICIAL REFORM IN MALAYSIA!”, “Whenlawyers walk, something must be very wrong.”, “The Malaysian Bar —Walking for Justice”…Apa tu? Well, whilst I sat there on my chair wrapped in 10 layers ofcotton and wool, and hoping that something wonderful would fall ontomy lap in the UK, the lawyers back in my country were walking underthe tropical rain and marching on for a revolution in the Malaysianjustice system.I watched the Youtube videos a few days after, and then I saw thethen-president of the Malaysian Bar give her speech at the walk.I thought, wow, the moment I was waiting for ever since I startedreading law had just come and gone; and I had done absolutely nothingto be part of that monumental occasion. Instead I had chosen to find abetter life elsewhere — far, far away from everything and everyone Iknew.I watched this lawyer-mother-wife try to lead a band of people underthe rain calling upon the Malaysian government to act upon corruptionand clean up the justice system. She was calm and assertive at thesame time; it was confusing and perplexing! “What the hell were thesepeople doing?” I thought to myself very quietly.

It has been more than three years. Shortly after March 8, 2008, Ireturned to Malaysia. I have met many brilliant and fearless lawyerswho continue to defend justice and equality relentlessly, who seek toprotect the welfare of everyone, and not just for their own interestor of their clients’. I finally saw the legal profession come alivebefore my very eyes. And I thought, damn. I wish I was standing thereright next to them, where it all began.On July 9, 2011, the very same woman who stood in the rain over threeyears ago will be leading a tide of Malaysians in a rally to expressto the government that we are not happy with the manner with which wevote for the leaders of our country, that we are not happy with moneypolitics, corruption and nepotism.We want the government of Malaysia to take off the attitude ofcomplacency. We are sick of being told to just shut up and listen. Wewant the future leaders of our country to know that while some of usmay have become tranquilized by materialism, the rest of us actuallycare about the welfare of this nation and we want to have a fair andtransparent channel of voting. Nothing more, nothing less.Ambiga Sreenevasan leading the movement for Malaysia’s electoralreform this time serves as a strong reminder for why I had decided tobe a lawyer. It also reaffirms my lost conviction that not all lawyersare self-centered, greedy, shallow stabs.

On July 9, I shall havemarked a day of my life where I will be walking with one of thegreatest woman lawyers ever, who will flood the streets of KL with herstrong sense of justice and passion for the people of Malaysia. Ittakes someone who has everything to lose to champion for democracy andjustice without any fear or favor. That’s guts.

May God bless our home.....

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